To book a dive you must contact the Dive Coordinator

  • Dives can be booked as soon as the Dive Schedule is published
  • Full payment for shore dive fees payable upon booking
  • Boat Charters require a non-refundable deposit of 50% at time of booking
  • Any dive which gets “overbooked” will be resolved by a random draw at the Spring General Meeting in April
  • If you do not get selected at the Spring Meeting, you can be placed on a waiting list or request a refund of your deposit
  • Balances are due by May 31st
  • All payments can be made by e-transfer to treasurer@ajaxscubaclub.on.ca or delivering a cheque to the Club.

Cancellation Policies

  • If the club cancels a dive, the full amount including deposit will be refunded.
  • Cancellations must be done by contacting the Dive Co-Coordinator. Via email: Dive Coordinator - No exceptions.
  • If you cancel your spot on a boat dive, more than three weeks before the dive:

    -> If your spot is filled, you will receive a full refund (including deposit).

    -> If your spot is NOT filled, you will get a refund less deposit.

  • If you cancel in three weeks or less before a dive:

    -> If your spot is filled, you will receive a refund less deposit.

    -> If your spot is NOT filled, no refund will be issued.

  • In the ease of a death in the family, or other such hardship, a refund will be provided at the discretion of the club executive. As a diver it is your responsibility to maintain your physical health. A cold, or ear infection, will not be considered a hardship.


  • Refunds will be made by e-transfer by the Treasurer.

About the Ajax Scuba Club

What is the Ajax Scuba Club?

The Ajax Scuba Club is a "not for profit" organization made up of local recreational SCUBA divers. We have been providing services to our members in the Durham Ontario area since 1975.

We have approximately 80+ members, and are run by a democratically elected executive made up of Club members.

Our Club Mission Statement

The Ajax Scuba Club provides an avenue to dive in a safe and organized environment. The club organizes a full summer dive schedule for dive sites ranging from novice to advanced. Our dive charters are designed so that a newly certified diver can dive with more experienced divers to gain confidence in an atmosphere that focuses on safety. Every charter will be run by a Divemaster who will give briefings on dive sites and introduce new divers to boat etiquette and dive protocol.

What does the Ajax Scuba Club do?

The Club provides SCUBA diving training suitable for all skill levels from entry level to full certification courses. We also provide leadership level dive programs up to the Divemaster and Assistant Instructor Levels. We offer certified training in First Aid, CPR, and Oxygen Administration to our members.

We organize supervised diving events, including: shore diving; charter boat diving; and dive trips both within and outside Ontario. Our members have access to one of the most comprehensive club dive schedules in southern Ontario! The Club also organizes social non-diving events of interest to our membership (eg. Club picnics).

What kind of diving does the Ajax Scuba Club do?

We engage in recreational diving. As such, we practice "no decompression" diving within the established sport diving limits. We do not practice technical or mixed gas diving, with the exception of Nitrox.

You will find us visiting some of the best wreck sites in southern Ontario, "scrounging" for old bottles and "junk" in the 1000 Islands, or enjoying the amazing beauty of a Caribbean coral reef. Almost any place you can get wet has something to offer!

We are very much focused on safety. All Club diving events are supervised by Divemasters and Rescue Divers. Our Club Divemasters are fully trained and equipped to deal with any emergency situation. We're very proud of our safety record and work hard to keep it that way.

What other services does the Ajax Scuba Club provide its members?

Besides access to the diving activities, continuing education, and social events mentioned above, we offer low cost equipment rentals and free air fills to members for any club diving event.

The Club also publishes newsletters at regular intervals which provide updated information concerning Club diving and non diving activities, club executive updates and interesting general diving related tips and information.

Where does the Ajax Scuba Club meet?

Our facilities are located at the Ajax Community Centre in Ajax Ontario. Club members meet Thursday evenings prior to a scheduled club dive, and Tuesday evenings following. The Club “ backroom” for equipment pick up prior to dive weekends is located at the south-east corner of the Ajax Community Centre building.

We have a general membership meeting in the fall each year at which time we elect our executive, A second general meeting is in the spring during which members may renew their memberships and book the dives which they wish to participate during the upcoming dive season.

Who is eligible to join the Ajax Scuba Club?
  • Divers already certified by a recognized SCUBA training agency.
  • Uncertified divers who register to take our Open Water Diver Course (NOTE: a free club membership is included when you learn to dive with our club).
  • Anyone who wants a non-diving social membership.
Is a checkout Dive required for New Members?

Certified Divers who wish to join the Ajax Scuba Club, and who have not received their Open Water Certification through the Ajax Scuba Club, must have their dive skills reviewed and evaluated by an ASC Divemaster prior to participating in any Club sanctioned dives.

This checkout may be completed during a Club confined water pool event, or during the ASC Open Water Student Checkout weekend conducted each spring. For further information please contact the Training Director at training@ajaxscubaclub.on.ca